Tabúes sexuales (C1)

I’ve been always fascinated by human’s ability to conceal natural things because of morality, ethics, religion or complexes. It’s very funny when babies start learning to talk and suddenly they say: “pito, culo, caca…” (penis, butt, crap) and their blushed parents tell them off, due to their embarrassment. All of these (rude?) words are called [...]

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United States Customs and Border Protection agency “speaks” Spanish

United States Customs and Border Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de Fronteras y Aduanas) is now offering a Spanish-language information service. This agency says is a “first step” (primer paso) toward providing Spanish-speakers a more effective means of communicating with agents responsible for protecting the nation’s borders (las fronteras del país). […]

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¡Qué injusto! (B1)

New year, same problems. We’ve started a new year and our resolutions are still intact, but problems usually remain too. That’s the case we have in Spain. After some weeks of “siesta política” (political nap), citizens can read again about corruption, threats of Independence in some regions, domestic violence… There is a popular Spanish saying [...]

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