Feliz Año Nuevo 2016

Time is over. Do you remember 2014 last post? Have you accomplished your New Year’s resolutions? Was 2015 happier than last year? Tomorrow is Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) and the counter resets. Everybody is planning next holidays, signing up for new language courses or trying to quit smoking. Future is the star these days. However, [...]

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Elecciones generales (B1)

Time is over. Next Sunday the 20th, Spaniards will put an end to an exciting political year. The Spanish general election to the Congress and the Senate will be held and a huge change in the history of Spain may happen. For about 33 years, only two parties have been able to form a goverment: [...]

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Ya vs todavía: enemigos íntimos (A2)

David vs Goliath, Cleopatra vs Cicero, Achilles vs Hector… legends and history are full of antagonisms. Opposite words are called antonyms, the Yin-Yang of linguistics. They are usually easy to use: we just need to choose one or the other: simple like that. However, our students on www.spanishviaskype.com eventually find [...]

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6 common mistakes in Spanish made by English speakers (B1)

Unless you’re something other than human, there’s no way to learn and use a foreign language without making your share of mistakes. Here there are 6 fairly common grammatical errors, listed in no particular order, that you should try to avoid when learning Spanish. Don’t become frustrated! We are aware it is so difficult to learn [...]