Errare humanum est (A1)

“To err is human”. Historians don’t agree if this quote’s autor is Seneca, Cicero or St. Augustine, but everybody has used it. It’s the perfect excuse when we made a mistake. “Oh, teacher, I’m sorry, I failed this calculation, but, you know… errare humanum est”.When we learn a new language, it’s [...]

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¡Ay, pena, penita, pena! (B2)

If you have good taste for music, you’ll probably answer without a doubt to these questions: who was the king of rock? And the queen? Who used to be sitting in the throne of pop music? Some good answers shouldn’t be very different from Elvis Presley, Tina Turner or Michael Jackson. However, what if I [...]

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Celebrities who love Spanish

It’s nice to see you are not alone in learning another language.  There are 21 million people who learn Spanish all over the world and some celebrities are included in this group: Chris Hemsworth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Channing Tatum, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez , Susan Sarandon, Jack Black… You may recognize some of them, although note that [...]

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Vamos a tomar algo

Summer is here and summer in Spain means calor (heat). We’re suffering temperatures above 40 °C in some parts of the country. Under these circumstances, what’s the best plan for such a sizzling evening? In my opinión, ir a tomar algo (to go for a drink) is a good option. Spanish squares and avenues are [...]

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