Y vosotros, ¿habláis ‘spanglish’?

Seguro que más de uno habéis oído frases como “Qué tú haces, brother?” o “What are you doing, hermano?”. Las dos son ‘spanglish’, un híbrido entre el inglés y el español que actualmente se encuentra en el centro de la polémica: ¿Debería de reconocerse como un idioma más? Según algunos, la respuesta es “sí” porque ya lo hablan muchísimos millones de personas [...]

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¡No te arrepentirás! (B2)

I wouldn’t know what to answer if you ask me if I would rather go to the movies than stay at home watching a TV series. During the last years, series have had a deep impact, not only in American amusement but also in Spain. Who hasn’t heard about “Lost”, “Breaking [...]

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“The subjunctive is the most difficult part of learning Spanish”

Around 40% of our Spanish students are Russians. They love Spain and its culture and they really want to learn our language. Russians like so much Don Quixote (I guess because he has many things in common with Russian culture, focused on trying to change the world in an idealistic way). Anna Vakhrusheva is one of them. She’s been studying [...]

Spanish recipe: Gazpacho (A2)

Summer is coming (we’re not the Starks in Game of Thrones), and every single Spaniard is thinking about their holidays. Most of them will choose La Costa del Sol (the Sun Coast), in the south of Andalucía, la Costa Blanca (the White Coast) in the east, or Las Islas Canarias [...]

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