En primavera, la sangre altera (B1)

 La primavera (Spring) is here and as we say in Spain, la sangre altera (Spring heats your blood). Nature undergoes a lot of changes. Trees blossom in the forests; roses flower in the gardens and daisies bloom in the meadows. However, these are just the good changes; there are also plenty of weather disturbances in [...]

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“My favorite word in Spanish is ‘vale’, it´s universal and fosters agreement”

Tim List is an American retired business executive who has been studying Spanish with us for more than a year. He used to work for a company that imported olives and olive oil from Spain to the United States and Puerto Rico, so this brought home to him how important knowing another language can be. [...]

Indiferencia (B1)

Political changes are coming to Spain. 2015 will be an electoral year. Most of Spaniards are going to elect their representatives for the autonomous communities. Furthermore, by the end of the year, we’re going to vote for the national Parliament. The economical crisis will affect our decisions; even el odio [...]

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