A VER or HABER? (B1)

It’s very difficult for our students (at least for the beginners) to tell the difference between “a ver” and “haber”, probably because we pronounce both exactly the same. Do you understand the difference between these two sentences: “Vamos A VER cómo acaba el partido de fútbol” and “Tenías que HABER llamado a tu madre; estará [...]

La cuesta de enero (B2)

Time of excess is over, Christmas is finished and we have to go back to reality. Many of us have spent much money in food, parties or presents for the kids. Now it’s time to save money, lose weight and recover our calm. That’s why we call this period of [...]

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Los bebés aprenden en el útero materno a llorar en su idioma (B2)

Una reciente investigación, publicada en la revista online ‘Current Biology’, acaba de demostrar que los bebés comienzan a captar los elementos de lo que será su primer idioma en el útero, mucho antes de sus primeros balbuceos (infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language in the womb, and certainly long [...]

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