Español: el idioma que más aumentó sus estudiantes en la UE (B1)

El español es la lengua que más incrementó el número de estudiantes de primer ciclo de secundaria entre los 28 países de la Unión Europea (UE) entre 2005 y 2012, según los datos difundidos por Eurostat (Oficina Europea de Estadística = Statistical Office of the European Union). En 2012 el número de estos alumnos que [...]

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Los cinco sentidos I: Tocar (B2)

When we try to explain how animals relate to the enviroment, we have to resort to the well-known five senses: la vista (sight), el oído (hearing), el gusto (taste), el olfato (smell) and el tacto (touch). These five pillars in our lives are only appreciated when they are lacking. They are so important that languages [...]

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¡Está prohibido! (B1)

Prohibitions lead our lives since we were born. It doesn’t matter wherever we are, we know that we are allowed to do things, but others are forbidden. These rules make our lives easier and they make possible our cohabitation. However, some philosophical or political ideologies, such as anarchism, have tried to get rid of them [...]

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