Viento en popa (B1)

Since human beings settled Earth, we’ve try to imitate other animal’s abilities, we weren’t born with. We sail the oceans, we fly the sky… and it seems there is no goal we cannot reach. Crossing the oceans, we discovered new lands and we’ve written the most important pages in History. Navigation has become not only [...]

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Back-to-school promotion on Spanish classes!

September seems to be a tough month for most of us because we must get back to work after summer holidays. But, don’t worry! You will be able to keep learning or improving your Spanish because SpanishviaSkype has prepared a special offer for you: Save 15% on blocks of Spanish classes for different levels/Spanish Conversation classes. [...]

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Hasta que la muerte os separe (B1)

El matrimonio (marriage) means “union”. Many people might say that it means many other things, positive or negative, depending on the length of that marriage. But that “union” is the key. A husband and a wife should be together most of the time. However, it’s sometimes good to do activities [...]

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