Hablar más de un idioma protege tu cerebro (C1)

  … No lo decimos nosotros, sino un trabajo publicado este mes en la revista Annals of Neurology, que demuestra que el bilingüismo (bilingualism) retrasa el deterioro cognitivo asociado a la edad y lo hace independientemente del cociente intelectual (intelligence quotient) del sujeto y del momento en que se adquieran las lenguas distintas a la materna (mother tongue). [...]

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Más fútbol (A2)

Here we are again, with the trendiest topic in the world nowadays: fútbol, football or soccer, as you please. From the 12th of June to the 13th of July, football fans will enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Last week we proposed you a very interesting offer in www.spanishviaskype.com […]

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Special World Cup Promotion!

Spaniards love fútbol (football/soccer), so we are pretty excited about World Cup Football in Brazil, that starts tomorrow and ends on July the 13th. SpanishviaSkype wants to celebrate it with lower prices on its Spanish classes on Skype with native teachers from Spain. ¡Aprovecha esta oferta y empieza a aprender español con nosotros! (Take advantage of [...]

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The King of Spain says goodbye

Breaking news in Spain: Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, has just abdicated. If you are in Spain, you won’t hear any other news these days. What are the consequences for Spain? We’ll have a new head on the front of our euro coins; we’ll listen to a different voice in the traditional Christmas speech [...]

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