Spring is almost here and SpanishviaSkype wants to celebrate it with a special offer: If you are a current or previous student at SpanishviaSkype and you refer a friend to us, who buys a block of classes, you will automatically be rewarded with free classes for yourself!  Do you have friends that would like to improve [...]

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Carnaval 2014: Las chirigotas (C1)

Carnival is coming and lots of Spanish cities and towns are dressing up. Last year, we talked about Spanish Carnival on this post. So, this year, we’re not going to talk about máscaras (masks) , maquillaje (make-up), pelucas (wigs)  or disfraces (costumes). We’re going to focus on Las chirigotas, one of the funniest shows you [...]

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Obamacare’s Spanish-language website is written in Spanglish

I’m pretty sure that you all are familiar to Obamacare  (AKA The Affordable Care Act), a US law (2010) aimed at reforming the American health care system: its main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance. In October 2013 Obama administration launched cuidadodesalud.gov, a website to reach out to Hispanics, which is riddled with “Spanglish” errors that [...]

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Don’t miss the Goya Awards!

The Goya Awards, the most important for Spanish movies and regarded as Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars, will be presented at the gala ceremony in Madrid next Sunday, February the 9th. Manel Fuentes will be the host to present the show replacing Eva Hache who presented it the last two editions. […]

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