Gwyneth Paltrow encourages her kids to speak only in Spanish

“¡En Espanol, por favor!” Gwyneth Paltrow wants her kids Apple (9 years old) and Mose (7) to be worldly. In fact, she sometimes encourages them to speak with her only in Spanish, according to the magazine Us Weekly. In October, Cameron Diaz invited Paltrow to her home in Beverly Hills for the wedding of her assistant, Jesse Lutz. At [...]

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Perfectioning the Imperfection: Uses of the Pretérito Imperfecto de Indicativo (II) (A2)

Last week, we started a number of articles about the Imperfect verbal tense in Spanish. Here, we learnt one of its uses: habits or routines. Today, we’ll carry on learning more uses which will help you if you want to learn Spanish via Skype. Do you remember how can we describe people or things in [...]

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