Perfectly imperfect: uses of the Pretérito Imperfecto de Indicativo(I) (A2)

What are you afraid of the most? Spiders, darkness, vampires…? Human being always fears the unknown. And our students on www.spanishviaskype.com are not an exception. One of the scariest verb tenses in Spanish is the Pretérito Imperfecto de indicativo (Imperfect past). Why is this unknown? This tense doesn’t exist in many languages, including English. [...]

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Deng Yuqing, best Spanish speaker in China

Recently, we are used to watching “Talent Shows” on TV. In these contests, a group of anonymous singers or artists try to become celebrities.  From Britain’s Got Talent, to American Idol, we’ve watched hundreds of versions in different countries and languages. La Voz (The Voice) is the most watched one in Spain. What about China? [...]

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