Hablo un poquito de español (A2)

www.spanishviaskype.com offers a free trial lesson in order to show how we work and know our students. One of the very first questions we make is ¿hablas español? (Can you speak Spanish?). Most of our students often answer “un poquito”. Spanish is a language that uses the speaker’s intention and emotion to change the meaning [...]

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When do we use the subjunctive? (B1)

If thereʼs one thing that drives Spanish learners to confusion, at any level, itʼs the subjunctive. Therefore, after summer holidays, most of our students have asked us for going over this verb mood that we use willingly and regularly, in all registers (it is not reserved for formal or written language). […]

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Yo sí o yo no (B2).

One of the hardest problems for our students on www.spanishviaskype.com is the verbal conjugation. As you know, we use endings to express the time, the person and the mode (indicative or subjunctive). That is why we don’t use the subject personal pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella…) as often as our students do. The person is [...]

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10 reasons to learn Spanish

Are you thinking about learning Spanish but you are not 100% sure? One of the things you want to consider when deciding to learn a foreign language is: will this language be useful? In the case of Spanish this is definitely true. Keep reading and you will find out another 9 reasons to learn Spanish. [...]

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