¿Saber o conocer? (B1)

Most of our students have some problems to distinguish the verbs “saber” and “conocer” (they both mean “to know”). The verb you choose depends on the context in which it is used (these verbs are not interchangeable). Keep reading and we’ll show you how to use correctly “saber” and “conocer”. […]

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La ciudad condal (C1)

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 17th, 1986: Juan Antonio Samaranch opens an envelope and says in French: “the XXV Olympic Games will be hosted by the city of Barcelona in 1992”. Since that moment on, Barcelona has become one the most visited cities in Europe and it’s grown in population and facilities. Who doesn’t know about La [...]

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Mastermistake (C1)

On Tuesday night, we watched the season finale of “Masterchef Spain”. It’s a TV reality show where amateur cooks dream of becoming professional chefs. The show got 33% audience share and everything should have been perfectly prepared… but it wasn’t. A little mistake in the name of the winner was retweeted into our Twitter account [...]

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¡Estoy achicharrada!

So far, this summer is colder than others. But last days, at least in Madrid, the heat is unbearable! My English friends would say: It’s so hot I can fry an egg on the sidewalk! In Spanish there are also different ways to let others know the uncomfortable high temperatures we suffer. I want to [...]

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