10 mistakes in Spanish by English speakers (B1) – Part 1

“No me realicé de que había perdido las llaves”, “Entré en el bar y pregunté por una cerveza”, “¿Tienes los billetes para el teatro?”, “Mi hermana más vieja vive en Berlín” or “Estoy en Barcelona por cinco semanas”. What do these sentences have in common? Take 5 minutes to read this post and you’ll find [...]

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Spanish Joker – C1

Don’t you have a friend who can solve any problem? Didn’t you say that your mum knew how to do everything, when you were a child? In Spanish we say “sirves para un roto y para un descosido” (to serve a multitude of purposes). In our language, we have a tense that “sirve para un [...]

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Paco Pepe

A good friend of mine se va a casar el próximo mes (is getting married next month). I always call him “Paco Pepe”and, when I read his wedding invitation, me eché las manos a la cabeza. Something sounded strange. It said: “Franciso José and XXX invite you…”. Francisco José? Of course, [...]

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The crisis brought new words!

The crisis brought new words. If you talk to Spanish people in the streets, if you read Spanish newspapers or if you watch Spanish T.V. programmes you will find some new words. Some weeks ago, a very interesting article was published about the new words Spaniards are using because of [...]

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