Hacer negocios, doing business,Business Skills is the most competitive and challenging experience for a professional. At SpanishviaSkype you will find the course you are looking for. Spanish Lessons for Business is the best way to improve your verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Leading a business meeting, giving presentations and negotiating, writing correspondence or preparing a job interview, all in Spanish, are only some of the topics you will find on this syllabus.

Our students often ask us what is the secret to do business or succeed in Spain. Today we will provide ten words that can make a difference.

Habilidades (abilities), capacidades (skills), puntos fuertes (strengths)…, no matter how you call them, but it matters if you have them. These are maybe ten of the most required ones in order to be successful.

  1. Comunicativo/a: if you can attract attention of your interlocutors and put your thoughts into words easily and clearly, they will be eating out of your hand.
  2. Metódico/a: we don’t want to be tiquismiquis (fusspot) or trabajólico (workaholic) but un dejado (a mess) neither. Doing your work with a method, orderly and carefully will make you plan your next move better.
  3. Persistente: set yourself an objective and go for it, no matter what. Of course, don’t be testarudo (stubborn), listen to all opinions, but be consecuente (consistent) with your ideas.
  4. Reflexivo/a: we said before about listening to all opinions. Put them all together, analyze them thoroughly and extract the best of them to add improvements to your own ones.
  5. Imaginativo/a: progress involves creation, and the only way to create a new thing is using your imagination. Be creativo and original. Don’t pay attention to people who say “everything is invented”.
  6. Emprendedor/a: once you have your idea, you need to start a project. This is the worst part. How should I do it? Is this worthy? Should I take the risk? Un emprendedor will take the leap in spite of all these hesitations.
  7. Competitivo/a: competitiveness is something to deal with in business. If you like contending with others or testing yourself, you will skyrocket.
  8. Ambicioso/a: is this trait a negative or a positive one? If your answer is positive, you are likely to be an ambitious person. La ambición, focused rightly, can make you reach the top. However, without any limit, you may lose your way.
  9. Paciente: emotions can play a dirty trick on you. Controlling them is basic to meet your objectives. If you are not “patient” in business, you might be a “patient” in a hospital. It’s your choice.
  10. Intuitivo: this last skill is maybe the most difficult to acquire. It’s mostly an inherent trait. In spite of that, you might improve your intuition expanding your experience.

If you have these abilities and you master Spanish language, you can expand your limits and be a successful businessperson. Don’t waste your time and reserve now a free trial lesson via Skype here. At www.spanishviaskype.com we’ll be ready to help you.