Spanish courses for companies

Intensive Spanish course for beginners.

Employees will learn all the basics in a few weeks with this step-by-step program. It’s convenient and effective!

This course is perfect for employees who are moving to a Spanish speaking destination to work and they need to handle in different daily situations.

This course covers a variety of very practical topics from daily life:

  • Ordering in a restaurant.
  • Going to the doctor.
  • Going to the bank.
  • Shopping.
  • Casual conversations with friends/co-workers.
  • Telephone and e-mail communications.
  • School: conversing with teachers.
  • Transportation: buses, subway, trains…
  • Cultural differences and the Spanish culture.

Do your employees need to travel to Spanish speaking countries? They can speak basic Spanish on their next trip to Spain or Latin America.

Employees will learn grammar structures, words, phrases and idiomatic expressions they will find most useful on their trip.

This course is perfect for travelers because the focus is on listening and speaking. Your employees will feel confident when travelling to a Spanish speaking country!

This course covers a variety of very practical topics when traveling:

  • Hotel reservations.
  • Making a plane/car reservation.
  • Traveling abroad.
  • Cultural differences.
  • Shopping.
  • Ordering in a restaurant.
  • Tipping.
  • Transportation: Buses, subway, trains.

Do you need your employees to speak fluent Spanish with your clients? Try this Spanish conversation course!

Speaking Spanish is so useful in business. It represents a competitive advantage for your company, so let your employees learn Spanish with this efficient and flexible method.

These classes are the best way to improve your employees’s real spoken Spanish and listening abilities, and get to a level where they can use it in a variety of different business situations.

Our conversation classes easily motivates professionals to use language creatively through role-plays, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks, and content-based activities. Throughout, your employees practice key language functions such as persuading, obtaining information, responding to requests, expressing preferences and giving commands.

This course is perfect for students at all levels. Your employees will choose the discussion topics:

  • Practice their own work related presentation.
  • Talk about current events.
  • Discuss articles from Spanish newspapers and magazines…

Spanish is becoming more important everyday in business and our 1-to-1 Spanish Business classes can help your employees with career advancement, business meetings, presentations and any other Business Spanish needs they have.

Your employees must be a Pre-Intermediate Spanish level student to take this course.

Professionals will practise the language needed for all sorts of business scenarios:

  • Leading a business meeting.
  • Giving presentations and negotiating.
  • Writing correspondence (business letters & reports).
  • Making appointments.
  • Discussing business over the telephone.
  • Making polite requests and dealing with complaints.
  • Taking messages.
  • Day-to-day socializing in the office.

These programs are ideal for those professionals who need to improve their Spanish language skills for specific purposes.

Some professionals are so short of time or have such pressing needs, that no course is suitable. This program is designed precisely to their own unique requirements.

All our individual tuition programs include a detailed needs analysis leading to a carefully tailored training program ensuring that we maintain complete focus on specifically identified areas of need.

Your employees make the maximum possible progress because their teacher is able to focus on their needs and their personal learning style in every lesson.

Professionals choose these programs for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Preparation for an important presentation.
  • Increasing confidence for an Spanish-language conference,
    seminar or meeting.
  • Priority focus on specific areas of weakness or of interest.
  • Increasing overall level of confidence in all aspects of
    Spanish language use.
  • A need to ensure total focus on personal needs.


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