How do we work?

  • We offer free trial classes to Human Resources representatives and managers. In this way, they can see how effective learning Spanish with us can be and they can also ask us for any specific requirement. They will meet our staff, check out our methodology and our class material. This is the best way to establish the benefits of our Spanish classes for your employees. This trial class/consultation is 20-minute long and free of charge.
  • We test your employees. All our training courses for companies start with an assessment of the four skills needed to ensure effectiveness in Spanish (oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression). We test each employee to determine his/her current knowledge of Spanish and determine the target to be attained.
  • We establish the right course program for each employee. Staff in different roles in your organization will have different language learning needs, that’s why we work together with your company to define the goal for each employee. Professional’s language level, job role and schedule are all factors we will consider when commissioning training.
  • Employees access to our scheduling system to make classes reservations. The class times are flexible for their convenience and adapted to suit their business agendas. Your employees can take their classes at their workstation before work, at lunchtime or after work, in a conference room, or from the comfort of their home.
  • We offer a regular reporting service on the status of each employee. Every month/quarter your company will receive reports on the status of each employee. These reports are a detailed breakdown not only of attendance, but also of the actual learning progress related to the participant’s goals. In this way, you can see directly how the Spanish level of your organization is improving and track your investment.

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